Combined Function Corrosion Protection Data Logger and Interrupter

  • Features:
  • GPS Synchronized full waveform data logger
  • Three input channels
  • 10 Amp current interrupter
  • Output for synchronizing external equipment
  • Very simple interface minimizes errors and training costs
  • Data logged to a standard USB thumb drive
  • Data exportable to Excel for easy analysis
  • Rugged and watertight
  • 18 hour battery life
  • Ultra bright status LEDs for drive by monitoring of GPS lock and error status

The Chaparral Physics CP Data Logger/Interrupter is a versatile instrument designed to perform a variety of corrosion protection measurements and functions. These include instant off measurements with sacrificial anodes, operating as a full waveform GPS synchronized data logger for monitoring and correcting interference generated by stray and telluric currents, verifying rectifier interruption and synchronization, and providing GPS synchronized interruption for external relays and rectifiers.

It is configured using a simple GUI interface on a PC and the configuration data is saved to a USB thumb drive. That drive is then inserted into the data logger. When the logger is turned on, it reads the thumb drive and configures itself according to the saved file. This allows one corrosion engineer to insure that all data loggers on a project are properly configured and synchronized, eliminating measurement errors and reducing training costs.


Data Acquisition
Number of Inputs: 3 inputs
Input Impedance: 250 MΩ
Input Types: Differential, Single Ended
Input Range: Programmable range ±20 V or ±40 V
Resolution: 0.6 mV
Common Mode Range: 60V
Accuracy: 0.5 %
Digitizer: 16-bit SAR Architecture
Bandwidth: 7.5 Hz
Dynamic Range: 96 dB
Sample Rates: 1000 samples per second
Acquisition Mode
Manual: Controller with start/stop switch
Auto: Programmable Start and End Time
Data Storage
Type: Standard USB thumb drive (FAT16 or FAT32)
Recording Format Binary data format exportable to three different file formats: comma-separated value (.CSV), native Microsoft Excel file (.XLS) or native Matlab data file (.MAT).
Resolution: 1 millisecond resolution time stamped data
Stability: GPS locked
Display: 2.5x0.6 inches backlit and protected LCD with navigation buttons
LED status indicators for Power, GPS, Interrupt, and Errors
Internal Rechargeable Battery: 18-hour life time
External power: 12 VDC (10 to 15 VDC) capable of supplying at least 250 mA
Power Consumption: <2.25 W
Construction: Weather tight enclosure
Size: 7.5 x 8.8 x 3.9 in (190.5 x 223.5 x 99 mm)
Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 to 60˚C with 0 amp switching
External Relay Drive
Drive Voltage 12V open collector output
Maximum drive current: 0.4 Amp
Minimum relay drive coil resistance: 30Ω
Bidirectional solid state switch
Maximum switching current: 10 amperes
Maximum on resistance: .025Ω
Duty cycle: 0% to 100%