Model 60/64

The Chaparral Physics Model 60/64 series sensors are dramatically smaller and lighter than competing sensors. They are ideal for use at remote sites and in portable applications.

With its extremely low power consumption and robust weather sealed construction, this sensor reduces the required weight and size of equipment needed to install an array. Less than 2 inches tall and weighing 7 ounces,the M60 sits easily in the palm of your hand. A full array of 4 sensors and a compact datalogger fit easily inside a small backpack. Despite this size and weight reduction, the M60 maintains the low noise, stable operation, wide bandwidth, and low seismic sensitivity of all Chaparral Physics infrasound sensors.



Model 60/64 UHP Data Sheet (PDF)

  • Design for near field volcano monitoring and other large amplitude acoustic events
  • Ultra high pressure measurements, 2000 Pascal p-p (151 dB)
  • 109 dB dynamic range
  • < 100 mW power consumption

M60 VX

Model 60/64 VX Data Sheet (PDF)

  • High pressure measurements, 720 Pascal
  • 108 dB dynamic range

M60 Standard

Model 60/64 Data Sheet (PDF)

  • Optimized for low noise
  • Performance similar to a Chaparral Physics Model 20